Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21st, 2006: So What's The Deal, Neal?

Some of you have written, asking me what my @!#$% problem has been these past few months. Specifically, there have been concerns over the sporadic nature of updates since around late January 2006. That this seems a bit out of character for me since, prior to late January 2006, I almost NEVER missed a deadline or skipped a day's strip.

Well, it appears that the Powers That Be decided they hadn't messed with me in a long while and decided to release the full brunt of their terrible sense of humor directly upon poor poor Joe. I won't go into full details, suffice it to say that if it COULD have happened to a human being, it DID happen over the course of the past month or so. From an injured drawing hand to water pouring in through the ceiling of my home to computer meltdowns to a stomach flu unlike anything I've ever experienced before... and those were the LEAST of my worries.

Hence, I humbly beg your forgiveness. I didn't want to miss those days. But when you've got a 102-degree fever and your fellow co-workers don't have the common decency to leave you alone to sleep it off, the last thing you'd be thinking of is "What can Boris say in tomorrow's strip?" You're more like to contemplate how best to get your revenge upon the Boss for leaving 14 messages on your answering machine, complaining that he can't find your cell phone number when you don't even HAVE a cell phone.

Generally, I like to keep a week or so ahead of the game in case of situations like that, or, I like to have a "Joe Is Sick" strip waiting in the wings. Alas, I was without either. Hopefully this won't happen again soon! (Knock on simulated wood.)

Another bit of sad news for anyone who was hoping to catch up with Webmaster John and I at A.P.E. in San Francisco this year is that we won't be there. I wish I could say it was those pesky alien codfish who keep turning up at my door threatening to pelt me with dried apricots if I make any attempt to attend, but the truth of the matter is that funds and time have dictated that we not make the trek this year. On the bright side, we WILL be at the San Diego Comic Con (provided Comic Con gets around to letting me know about my application. Every year it's the same darn thing. Wait wait wait wait. But that's another rant for another day.)

To make a long story short (something I've never been accused of,) PIRATE COVE will prevail! For a while longer, anyway. I've got a bunch more stories in the works. How many will see the light of day? Who knows. In a few days I'll expand upon the initial "5 Year Plan" I mentioned in the F.A.Q. awhile back (particularly relevant as we are approaching the end of those 5 years.)

I'll wrap this up by inviting more questions, criticisms, and undying praise.

Viva Las Vegas!

- Joe!


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