Friday, March 24, 2006

March 24th, 2006: Off To The Holy Land!

Howdy, folks! You may have noticed that there are three strips up today... well, around 3PM this afternoon, I'm heading off to Las Vegas with Brian to do a little... um... research. Yeah. Research.

As I won't have computer access, I figured I'd better upload strips for the weekend rather than skip the weekend. Again.

And in case you were curious, yes, the Brian I speak of was the physical inspiration for Brian Kirby the comic character... but certainly not the inspiration for Brian Kirby's personality! That honor goes to another friend of mine who shall remain... er... nameless.

Actually, this post reminds me of something I've been meaning to post at PIRATE COVE: a photo taken in 2001. Front Row L-R - Jodi (inspiration for Patty,) Grace (the one who convinced me to do an online comic strip in the first place,) Brian (inspiration for Brian.) Back Row L-R - Charlie (Grace's husband,) me, and Webmaster John. I'm sure Jodi is still trying to hunt me down and kill me over the character of Patty Maroni.

Anyway, enjoy the comics and I'll talk to y'all again on Monday!


- J!


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