Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14th, 2006: Got Proof?

The proof copies of Pirate Cove: Episode 28 - 'Till Death Do Us Part are on their way! As previously stated, the book will likely be available in either Black & White ($15.00) or Full-Color ($32.00), depending on your budget.

The last of the files were uploaded yesterday, but as I need to see how the books turned out before making them both available to the public, they aren't QUITE ready to order just yet. How will you know when you can place your order? Well, you could check back here on a daily basis...

...or you could watch for the "SHOP" link to open on the PIRATE COVE main page!

"Enough babbling about yer merchandising," you're thinking. "When do we get new comics?!?"

Answer: December 25th. Merry Christmas! The next episode, previously titled "The BiPolar Express" but now retitled, will begin around the same time Santa is circling Greenland.

That's all I've got for you today... I still need to re-do the "Characters" section and upload a few "Before The Cove" books before the new episode starts. Wish me luck!

- J!


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