Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7th, 2006: And Now It's Time To Say Goodbye...

Only three more days until the end of Episode 28! Aiigh! Panic in the streets! YIKES but that was a fast five years and two months!

Well, don't panic TOO much 'cause here's PIRATE COVE's tenative schedule for the rest of this year:

November 10th, 2006: Episode 28 Ends.

November 13th, 2006: Comic ConJob debuts. This is the short story from the 2005 San Diego Comic Con book, one page of which will be posted daily. Unlike the previously published version, this will be in full color! Hurrah! For those of you paying attention, this story takes place between Episodes 27 & 28.

November 28th, 2006: Comic ConJob wraps up.

November 29th, 2006: Comic ConJob 2: Electric Boogaloo debuts. This is the short story from the 2006 San Diego Comic Con book. Also in full color, one page will be posted daily. Continuity-wise, this story takes place immediately after the first Comic ConJob and prior to Episode 28.

December 20th, 2006: Comic ConJob 2 wraps up.

December 25th, 2006: Episode 29 - The BiPolar Express debuts. From this point on, PIRATE COVE will be updated on weekdays only. Otherwise, everything is back to normal!

In between all of this, I will be working on the Archives, adding books to BEFORE THE COVE, making improvements to navigation, and making Episode 28 available in BOOK FORM. Yep, that's the plan for the publishing: I'm going to work my way backwards, starting with Episode 28. What's more, you'll have the option to purchase the book in either economical black & white or color! Or both, if you're feeling feisty.

And there you have it! That's what Joe will be doing with his month & a half break.

Break? Who said I'm taking a BREAK? (insert maniacal laughter here.)

Viva Las Vegas!!

- J!


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Calliean said...

So when do we get to purchase a Pirate Cove anthology? Hmm?

*smacks arm*

Must have more....

The ever faithful reader,


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