Thursday, March 15, 2007

By The Way - PIRATE COVE Is Irrelevant.

Well, well, well! Ain't THIS a kick in the nards! It doth appear Wikipedia has wiped PIRATE COVE off their system!

Imagine my surprise two years back when I did a search for "Pirate Cove" at Wikipedia and came up with a full article detailing the entire series! I was both impressed and flattered that someone would go through all the trouble to do such a thing! It must have taken WEEKS! Not only did they document the reasons behind the creation of PIRATE COVE, but they went so far as to write synopsies of every episode and give a full cast list!

But don't bother looking for it anymore. Despite the fact Wikipedia is supposed to be the largest online encyclopedia of... well, EVERYTHING, PIRATE COVE was deemed "not notable" and "irrelevant" by the keepers of the data.

I thank those who rose to PIRATE COVE's defense, stating that "Notability is asserted due to longevity of the 'daily' comic (6 years). Notability is asserted in that it's in it's second print volume" and (re: the WIRED article PIRATE COVE appeared in) "The comic is mentioned multiple times in the article, and the author is being interviewed specifically as the author of the comic. Ergo, it is a non-trivial mention; ergo, between that and the Silver Bullet article, we have multiple non-trivial mentions from published sources independent of the Pirate Cove webcomic; ergo, it is notable by the standards of Wikipedia. Remember, notability is not subjective."

The actual arguement goes on for several paragraphs, back and forth, pro and con. I blush to think these people CARE enough to argue my humble little comic's worth like this!

Anyway... I need to get back to work, but before I go, I would like to offer a huge hearty handshake to the poor soul who bothered to create the PIRATE COVE Wikipedia entry, only to have it dashed to smithereens by people who probably didn't even bother to read the actual comic!

Ah well. Life goes on. I wonder what a webcomic has to do to be considered "relevant" by Wikipedia. 500 daily readers doesn't seem to be enough. Two books in print with a third on the way doesn't seem to count, either. Nor does approximately 1,800 comic strips and a yearly presence at the World's largest comic convention.

Guess I'll have to continue PIRATE COVE for another 5 years and see if Wikipedia takes notice.


- J!


At 9:00 AM, Blogger ralphmerridew said...

Don't take this personally. Far more prominent webcomics have lost the deletion battle. (There are a few admins who have a hate-on for webcomics in general are running a deletion war; check through for backstory.)

OTOH, there's an article on (probably a copy of an older version of the wiki entry).

At 12:12 PM, Blogger PirateCoveComic said...

Heh - I was just surprised when I saw it was gone. I'm not overly concerned. Like I said, I was under the impression Wikipedia was supposed to be a real life version of "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy": anything and EVERYTHING. Thanks for the Comixpedia info!


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