Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29th, 2007: Herman Hout

So, about a year ago, I came up with a couple storylines for PIRATE COVE which would require a new neighbor for Joe & Co. The idea was that this neighbor had been a television actor in the 50s on a very popular "World of Disney"-esque adventure show. As the years went by and the show faded into obscurity, so did our neighbor... then one day, senility kicked in and now the poor guy thinks his old adventures were REAL and that he truly is the character he once portrayed on the boob tube.

Then I got to thinking... what kind of TV show was he on? Was he a frontiersman? Was he in the Navy? Perhaps he was a straight-arrow law enforcement agent. Maybe he was a cowboy. Or maybe... maybe he was... a pirate? Heck, the strip IS called PIRATE COVE after all. Yeah! Let's make him a pirate!

So here we are, nearly a year later, being introduced to Herman Hout (pronouced "Hoot.") And what hits the movie theatres only a few days before Herman's debut? The biggest Pirate movie of all time: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3.

I swear, this wasn't planned. It's pretty darn cool that we're getting a flood of new readers who've found their way to our humble site via a web search for comic book pirates, but really... Herman was not meant as a way to cash in on pirate mania. I think you'll find that much easier to believe as you get to know him.

Anyway, just had that thought this morning over my breakfast tea and thought I'd share. I haven't exactly been the most vocal blogger on the planet due to work and time constraints, but I still like to talk to y'all every now & then.

OK, back to the drawing board (literally) and with any luck, I'll post again before Comic Con!

- J!


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