Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25th, 2006: Anatomy Of A Comic - Part One

Howdy! Just for fun, I thought I would show y'all what goes into your average everyday installment of PIRATE COVE. Let's look at the process for the May 26th, 2006 comic strip.

Step One involves the script. Sometimes I'll have an idea written down beforehand - like on a scrap of Burger King napkin that I scribbled the idea on while doing 88 mph on the 405 freeway - but more often than not, installments of PIRATE COVE breathe their first life in my script notebook. This one was fairly straighforward. I knew where I was going with it and what the punchline was. I added to Edre's dialogue in the first panel after finishing the script and crossed out a few words in panel three...

Once I'm satisfied with the script, whether it's completely chicken-scratched out or not, I proceed to Step Two: Pencils. Which in this case, you'll get to see tomorrow.

- J!


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