Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 4th, 2006: Possible Delay Alert!

Just wanted to make mention that today's (Friday's) comic might be posted a little late. I've been trying to update the site but keep getting a "Network Error - Connection Refused" message every time I go to log in. Webmaster John is on the case and who knows? By the time I'm done typing this, he might have it all fixed. In which case, forget I wrote anything.

- J!

EDIT: OK, let's change that headline to DEFINITE Delay Alert! The problem seems to be with our server in Colorado... and we're currently unable to contact the people who manage it! Hey, stuff happens, right? Sorry it had to happen in the middle of an action sequence, tho!

We'll keep trying over the course of the day and hopefully we'll still have Today's Comic up today! If not, tune in tomorrow for a double shot of PIRATE COVE!

- J!

EDIT 2: Looks like the situation is a little more serious than I thought! The server has been hacked, is currently shut down, and I haven't been given an ETA as to when it will be online again. I'll keep checking through tonight so let's all cross our fingers! Worst comes to worst, I can update the next few days of strips right here at The Captain's Table! So remember: if isn't working tomorrow morning, COME HERE!

- J!


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