Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17th, 2006 - Comic Con Job 2!

Two bits of news for ye today! First and foremost, let's discuss the THIRD new item you'd find at the PIRATE COVE table at the San Diego Comic Con this year: Comic Con Job 2! It's an all-new 22-page story that picks up right where last year's convention comic left off! Joe has managed to hunt down his super-rare THUNDER GOD convention exclusive... but is he prepared to face the most horrific phenomenon known to comicdom? The OBSESSED FAN?? Nope, probably not.

Comic Con Job 2 costs $1 for the average passer-by, but PIRATE COVE fans can get their copy for FREE by printing out the cover image in the upper left and presenting it to any PIRATE COVE table employee!

Second bit of news: if you're visited the PIRATE COVE website today, you may be suffering from flashback syndrome. That's because, for the next week, we will be recapping strips from the vault, dating back to 2001! It's all leading up to "Episode 28: 'Till Death Do Us Part" which begins on Monday, July 24th! It's a great way for current readers to refresh themselves on a few important plot points and for new readers to get up to speed without having to read 1500 past comic strips (not that we don't recommend you check those out if you've never read them!)

I'll be back next week with a convention report!

Viva San Diego!

- J!


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