Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5th, 2006: While The Server Gets Rebuilt...

News as of Friday evening is that the server that hosts PIRATE COVE is being rebuilt after someone hacked their way into it Thursday night (man, some people must have a LOT of time on their hands!)

Therefore, while we wait for everything to be up and running again, I thought I would post Friday and Saturday's strips here. You know... for those of you bright enough to have bookmarked The Captain's Table ;)

Just click on a strip to see it full sized.

Friday, August 4th:

Saturday, August 5th:

Rumor has it the server (and PIRATE COVE website) will be up and running by late Saturday afternoon. Should this fail to happen, come back to The Captain's Table tomorrow for Sunday's strip.

Viva Las Vegas!

- J!


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