Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20th, 2007: Webcomics Nation!

Hey hey! Things continue to be busy as all get out here at PIRATE COVE... we're in the middle of a storyline, gearing up for Comic Con, putting together a new book, looking for a company to make Joe's jack-o-lantern shirt, AND moving all of PIRATE COVE's Archives to a new home!

A few months ago, I ran across a site called WEBCOMICS NATION. Like THE WEBCOMIC LIST, WEBCOMICS NATION contains an immense listing of online comic strips for your perusal... but it also acts as a hosting site, so if you've got your own webcomics, you too can get them out there for the public to enjoy!

Best of all, they've got a very nice Indexing system in place with a nice & easy navigation, making it easier to peruse the PIRATE COVE Archives than ever before! Just pick your Episode from the Table of Contents and away you go!

Plus, if something goes wrong with the PIRATE COVE server (as has been known to happen in the past,) you can just hop over to WEBCOMICS NATION instead 'cause they're updating with our daily strips as well!

I'll post again before Comic Con with any last minute info. Now I need to get back to work on the cover for the book we're debuting at the show. Better to be extremely busy instead of bored to death, right?

Viva Las Vegas!

- Joe!