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Howdy, folks! It's been about two weeks since all of Geekdom invaded San Diego and frankly, I'm still recovering. My living room has Comic Con memories scattered everywhere - boxes of PIRATE COVE books, Comic Con "exclusive" toys, newly-discovered comics, books, dirty laundry, business cards, flyers, a bag of giveaway goodies, and parts to the Boba Fett costume I was building & hoping to have ready in time for the show. Maybe next year.

The show itself was as massive and crowded as ever. If you've ever read about (or been to) the San Diego Comic Con, you no doubt already know about how overwhelming it can be!

As with last year and the year before that, the Pirate Cove Crew set up first thing Thursday morning and met with a variety of COVE fans, old & new, over the course of the next four days. We debuted three new PIRATE COVE books at the show (Episodes 1 - 3, Episodes 29 & 30, and Episodes 31 & 32) along with some brand-new PIRATE COVE pin-back buttons. I'm not sure if the buttons were selling so well because people were into PIRATE COVE or if they liked the one that read "What happens at Comic Con STAYS at Comic Con." Either way, I was happy to see so many of them being pinned to attendee badges!

Once again, the COMIC CONJOB book sold out. No matter how many I bring, they never seem to be enough. And although there was no new COMIC CONJOB at the show this year, I promise there will be a COMIC CONJOB 4 at SDCC 2009!


And what would a Comic Con Report be without mention of my wonderful neighbors? For the first time, I can honestly say I was happy with each and every neighbor in my surrounding vicinity!

Right next door to us was, an amazing group of vivacious young ladies intent on publicising their new online community (it's for guys as well as girls - go check 'em out!) Across the way were Ryan Claytor of ELEPHANT EATER COMICS and Paul Friedrich of ONION HEAD MONSTER fame. I'd read comics from both of these fellows and can vouch for them wholeheartedly!

Directly behind us was STRONGARM LABS who had a record-breaking show, while Randy Reynaldo's ROB HANES ADVENTURES and Jim Hillin's webcomic WIRE-HEADS sat across to our left. I've been reading Wire-Heads since meeting Jim at WonderCon this year and booth babe Randy Carter has been reading the Rob Hanes Adventures for as far back as I can remember. Both worth checking out!


I didn't get to as many panels as I would have liked, but it was nice to attend the FRIDAY THE 13TH panel where I got to see some footage from the new film. Looks scary, folks! Could we ever really say that about a Friday the 13th movie before?

Many thanks to the friends & fans of PIRATE COVE who stopped by for a sketch, a book, or simply to chat! You're the ones who make this all worthwhile! And if you couldn't make it this year, I hope to see you next year!

I'm heading off on vacation next week, so PIRATE COVE will also be taking a break - but I'll get into that in tomorrow's blog entry, along with info about a brand new PIRATE COVE contest and information on how you can order the new PIRATE COVE books! Meanwhile, enjoy some of our photos from San Diego!

Stay tuned!

- Joe

Um... I'm sure he's a VERY nice man.

This is what happens when Joe is stuck at the PIRATE COVE booth for too long.



Joy just LOOOOOOOOVES Furries.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Jimbo said...


Nice pic! How long has that been up there! Thanks for the mention in your PC blog. Hope to be next to or sharing space next Comic-Con.

Cheers and Happy 2009!
- Jimbo


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