Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18th, 2008: Holiday Cheer & Other Fun Stuff

As those of you who read the PIRATE COVE blog know, my full-time job involves motion picture production. The PIRATE COVE comic strip is my part-time escape from reality.

So before I get into the ins & outs of PIRATE COVE's holiday schedule, I thought I'd let those of you who've been chomping at the bit for information know that our next movie, STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI is scheduled to be released in the US theatrically on February 27th, 2009!

We've got Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li, Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, Neal McDonough as Bison, and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas as Vega (my personal favorite character from the game and from the film. Alas, Vega doesn't get much screen time as I'd have liked. Perhaps in the sequel?)

The marketing gurus at Fox are putting the finishing touches on the trailer and poster even as we speak - I daresay they will be online within a week and in theaters shortly thereafter! Woo hoo!

OK, enough propaganda. Back to the webcomic. Yes, there will be a new comic posted on Monday, December 22nd. I couldn't let you face a Monday without your daily dose! PIRATE COVE will be taking its holiday hiatus from December 23rd through January 2nd, returning on January 5th.

So, on behalf of Joe, Biff, Brian, Patty, Louis, Edre, Randy, and the rest of the PIRATE COVE crew, I hereby wish y'all a happy holiday season. Keep it safe, keep it merry, and I'll see you in 2009 when I promise to continue to ignore the blog like the complete bastard I am.

Best wishes,

- Joe!